Monday, July 30, 2012

More to Come from Stanford...

I just got back from an amazing weekend at Stanford University for the 8th Annual Mood Disorders Education Day. The event was even better than last year with more focus on therapy than genetics and very easy to consume information. One of the highlights was being able to talk one-on-one with Kiki Chang who is the Director of the Pediatric Bipolar Disorders Program at Stanford and as always, being able to meet other moms just like me.

Thanks to my loving and brave husband, after the event I was able to enjoy the full weekend out of town for fun with a dear friend and some serious relaxation. The only downside was hearing that at bedtime my youngest was found crying under his sheets with a photo of me because he missed me. (Ok, I have to admit it’s a little nice to hear that I was missed.)

Please check back soon when I share some of the things I learned from the conference and as always, I will let you know when Stanford publishes video of the presentations so you too can gain from this educational experience!


  1. I am so bummed I couldn't be there this year, especially since you said there was more of an emphasis on therapy. Did Kiki Chang lead the bp kids question and answer session?? Wow! Can't wait to read more about the conference on your blog!

    1. We missed seeing you this year! No, Kiki Chang didn't lead it, but he showed up at the end of this Q&A session and let us ask any question for the few that remained -all 3 of us : )