Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ADHD and Anger

I read an article recently and thought it was worth sharing with you. I know a lot of our kids have issues with anger and for some, it may be due to ADHD. Either way, I really appreciated this writer’s perspective on living with explosive anger and the patterns it sets up for future behavior and relationships.

Here is how the article starts out:
I was diagnosed with ADHD at 46. After my diagnosis, I had a long talk with my sister (who does not have ADHD). One of the most startling things she told me was when we were kids, we’d be happily playing, when – POW! –I’d have an angry outburst. It scared her.
... Being punished as a child for my anger only increased my anxiety; I couldn’t control or predict my angry outbursts, making me worry constantly. A vicious cycle began: angry outburst – punishment – anxiety and worry, leading to inability to control angry outburst… and so on. (Kessler, Z., 2012)

It’s worth reading the entire article so check it out here:

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Psych Central
Undiagnosed ADHD Can Make You Angry

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