Friday, August 31, 2012

Bullies and Brothers

Today was another day... with another bully.

My two older boys wanted to exercise together by running a lap around the block. It was my 9 year olds first time to go with his big brother. Less than 10 minutes later they both barge in screaming for help, one bleeding from his knee. My first thought was that he tripped, but quickly I found out they were chased down by an older kid from middle school. They explained that he threatened them at first, saying, “I’m coming for you.” Thinking it was a joke the laughed it off as they jogged by, but before they knew it they realized he was chasing them down. To protect themselves, they took cover under some bushes in a nearby house. The safety was short lived when the bully found them. As he approached them he slammed his fists together saying, “This is going to be you!”

Immediately the bully started swinging punches at my 9 year old, but big brother wasn’t going to stand by and watch his brother get hurt, as he said, “If someone is going to get hurt, it might as well be me instead of my little brother!” So he jumped in, taking a few swings at the bully. Seconds later they were back on their feet running to the safety of our home.

When they arrived, they were terrified, almost hysterical! After calming them down so they could breath between tears I took off, chasing the bully down.

To my surprise, it’s a kid who I know from my work. I think he was just as surprised to see me. It’s also a friend of the previous bully that chased down my oldest with an airsoft gun earlier this year. In the awkward moment, I got him to apologize to my boys! Then tonight I sent a message to his Dad.

I hope this is the end of this, but unfortunately, this bully attends the same middle school as my oldest and I don’t imagine things will go smoothly when their paths cross again.

As for my sons, Dad gave them a lesson on how to defend themselves, which was uplifting for them both. But more than anything, tonight I’m so proud of my boys for sticking together and trying to protect one another in this scary situation. Brothers are not meant to be messed with!


  1. Have you contacted the school? The school my children attend would never stand for that behavior, and it is even relevant if it is happening off school grounds. It is not something you need to be dealing with alone. How frustrating for you!! I would also contact the police laison for the school if they are being threatened physically. I hope things work out for you!!

  2. Yikes, that is really scary. Hopefully your intervention will work. But I would think about getting the authorities involved if something else happens (and maybe discretely let the authorities know there is a mental health issue involved? Not sure how much you want to disclose to them--but there are laws in your favor.)