Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Little Brother Struggles in School

As my oldest adjusts to middle school better than we expected, my youngest has already run out of the classroom because the kids were cheering loudly with the teacher, as the teacher pointed out, “He was very upset.” He has also complained about the noise in the cafeteria being too loud for him.

I’m meeting with his teacher soon, she feels that he’s struggling in other areas too. I wouldn’t doubt that we’ll need a 504 plan before long, in the meantime, I’ll see what the school will allow to help him get through the day. If I’ve learned one thing about surviving school with my oldest, it’s that accommodations are critical for success.

It all comes at no surprise. Summer was pretty rough for my youngest and just this week he dropped to the ground in total panic when a employee at Old Navy gave my boys a free ballon. As the boys held their balloons at a distance, my little one was writhing on the floor, screaming to get them away and that he couldn’t handle seeing them since, “they have a spell on me!” Needless to say, the balloons didn’t stick around. Then today he exploded in a fit, screaming at me, “I’m going to kill you!” all because I wouldn’t buy him something at the store and as a result, that was causing him to “worry”.

It’s always something...


  1. Hi
    have you heard about a condition called Sensory integration disorder?
    It sounds like he is sensory overload.
    You can try occupational therapy.

    1. Yes, I have, I definitely do believe there is some sensory issues going on. I’ll need to look into this type of therapy with his therapist.