Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sponge Wars

This is our last week of summer before school starts. We’re starting to buy our school supplies and my son is having moments of excitement mixed with tears as he gets ready to start middle school. He’s heading into new territory and we’re all feeling a little anxious about it.

But before the school bell rings we have a little fun left and we wanted to share with you our latest activity that you can try out with your kids. It’s called sponge wars! Basically you buy a ton of cleaning sponges (only the soft ones) and you collect buckets, ice chests or anything else that can hold water and fill them up with a hose. Next, scatter the containers of water throughout a territory, for us it was the court in front of our house. Then arm every kid with a pile of sponges ready to dip and load up with water. With a blow of a whistle, let the war begin with every man for himself. The kids launch their water-soaked sponges at one another, taking cover behind bushes and trees. Once out of sponges, the kids have to dart out of their hiding places to load up again, refueling their sponges with water at the nearest water station. Within seconds there will be sponges flying everywhere and your kids will be soaked head-to-toe while they scream with joy and laughter!

Try it, you’ll have a blast with your kids, we did!

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