Sunday, September 23, 2012

Getting Back in the Game

Well we’ve finally gotten back on track, my oldest had his ups and downs throughout the week after losing sleep from a sleepover party last weekend. One rage left him asleep on the floor where I was holding him down, he fought me for about 20 minutes than was out for a long nap. This week was a good reminder of how fragile he is. Once stability sets in, you start to forget how bad things can get and how easily he can be taken off track. But I still feel like this week of disruption was worth the social growth he experienced from the sleepover, we were able to use this experience as proof that he’s capable of so much more now and that he can overcome setbacks.

One highlight of the week was my son’s social courage. Recently he started a group at school for playing card games such as yu-gi-oh during his lunch break. What first began as my son inviting a boy with Aspergers to join him has grown to a group of about 15 boys! Even better, the group has been looking to my son as the leader and has used him to train several other kids on how to play the games. You should see his smile when he reflects on how proud he is for starting this group. We’ve come a long way baby!


  1. Hes come such a long way, its awesome to hear!!

  2. That's great!! It sounds like middle school is going well so far :)

  3. That is awesome... we finally got Rafael into the therapeutic school. And he was so resistant to it we even ended back at the partial program but they did an awesome job of helping us with this big transition. He did an awesome job today!

    1. Great news Bani! You must be feeling good after his awesome day!