Sunday, October 7, 2012

An Unexpected Adventure

Today was quite an adventure. I took my oldest son on a drive to a nearby college town to buy an office chair through a Craig’s list ad. Little did we know that this would turn into quite an adventure!

When we arrived at the office building that listed the ad we were greeted by a kind older gentleman who was in the process of closing down his engineering business where he did wind tunnel testing. After a 30 minute conversation, we found that this man had a lot in common with my son. First he was an engineer, which is what my son desires to be when he grows up and he had a love of building and inventing stuff, just like my son!

As the visit continued, we long forgot about the chair, but instead found ourselves in his lab where he demonstrated his wind tunnel equipment. As the loud machine started to take off, he invited my son to stand in the wind as the machine roared. First, I should share that my son LOVES the wind, nothing makes him happier than a windy day. Within minutes the machine was slowly increasing it’s speeds up to more than 60 mph. Then as the machine hit it’s top speed, I joined in the fun with my son as the machine blew100 mph winds into our bodies. I have to say, it was as fun as a roller coaster, we could actually feel our bodies being pushed over while we laughed nonstop!

As our tour came to an end, the engineer shared his struggles as a child, not fitting in, being a little different and smarter than most. He even shared that both of his adult children had Aspergers and never quite fit in with the school system. My son nodded his head in agreement and was encouraged to hear how this engineer went from struggles to success as he lived out his passion.

On the drive home we were both still giddy from this unexpected adventure when my son said, “That man is an inspiration to me, I’ll never forget him!”

I love how God puts the right people in our life—at the right time. I don’t think today was an accident.


  1. I hope every time your son feels like it could all be too hard he can sit in that office chair and remember that marvellous old man sent specifically to him on that day. There really are angels amongst us. Thanks for sharing that special story.

    1. Thanks Donna, your comment made me smile!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this story! I am constantly seeking out adults who have perservered after having a difficult time in school. It is what keeps me hopeful when I worry about my son's future.

    I agree with Donna. An angel indeed!!