Thursday, October 25, 2012

For the First Time

Yesterday my oldest son wore jeans for the first time since kindergarden. That’s 5 long years of sweat pants! If you have a chid with sensory issues you’d understand what a big deal this was. For him, the scratchy, tight material of denim was like sandpaper on his skin, over time it became unbearable. But thanks to some hand-me-down jeans we got from my cousin (Thanks T!) we were able to pull them out when we realized that all his sweatpants were in the hamper. At first he was hesitant, but I reminded him that this was the year for “firsts” and thanks to his stability all things from the past may be new again.

So he gave it a shot, and it turns out, he loves them!

I know it seems ridiculous to get excited about something so small, but what it represents is so much bigger. Our son is feeling better.


  1. I get it! My son hasn't worn jeans in years either! What a great first!

  2. I have two that will not, shall not and have not worn jeans. ONLY "SOFT PANTS"! So happy for you guys with the jeans triumph!

    1. Thanks T Miller, I’m just thankful that there were plenty of “soft pants” available in the athletic department in stores. I can't imagine what we would have done if cords were in style!

  3. Yay! (It gives me hope that jean may be worn around here someday)