Sunday, October 28, 2012

Let the Assessments Begin

This Monday morning I have a meeting with the principal and teacher of my youngest son so we can begin the journey of trying to help him. I’m hoping that they’ll agree to do some academic testing to see if my son has any struggles or if he’s just bored. Already I’m prepared for a little challenge since this principal has shown in the past to be resistant to testing and I’m sure he’s learned that I can be a little persistent. Should be a fun meeting (eyes rolling)...

I’m also preparing for my youngest son’s first psychiatrist appointment where the doctor will do an assessment to investigate the “voices” and other anxiety symptoms. Since this is our first appointment, I’m prepared to expect little since we’re just starting out. This is where experience helps, I’ve learned not to expect so much from the doctors in the beginning. I laugh when I think back to our first appointments with my oldest where I thought coming prepared with mood charts and video of behavior that I would leave with a clear diagnosis and treatment plan, boy was I wrong. Obviously now, I don’t have such unrealistic expectations and understand that this is a long process and patience is required.

On a positive note, we went to a fall festival at the boys’ elementary school and I got to speak to some of my oldest son’s former teachers who all were so excited to hear about how he was doing in middle school. One in particular made my heart swell when she gave me the biggest hug and said, “As a teacher there are always a few students you never forget. For me, your son is one of them. I think of him often and hope he’s doing great. I’ll never forget him, he was very special.”

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