Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lord Help Us...

During church this morning my husband and I watched our youngest son draw portraits of each member of our family. He did a side-by-side with one image in present time and the next image 10 years later. What started out cute, turned into something very disturbing. Check out the drawings below:

This is my little one’s self portrait, 10 years later he’s the Sheriff.

My middle son 10 years later. A little rugged and appears to have outgrown his clothes.

Here I am 10 years later, I’ve lost an eye along the way and use a cane.
(plus put on a few pounds)

Here is my oldest son who ended up in prison. 
The shirt was suppose to say “Dork” but he misspelled it.

And unfortunately here is my husband, buried in a coffin. It says, “R.I.P The Good Man”. He drew a worm in the dirt with the words “HI!” in a speech bubble.

Lord help us these next 10 years!
(We only hope our son isn’t a fortune-teller.)


  1. Oh dear, poor guy. Hopefully some therapy will help relieve some of his fears and help him start to see a brighter future.

  2. Yes, let's hope he isn't a fortune teller! I'm doing some work with my son about social thinking, and one of the things I'm using is the YouTube channel from Beyond the Blue ( ) There is a segment on Thinking Errors. One of the thinking errors is called "fortune telling." It is the one were you might be getting ready to do something fun, but you start thinking of all the things that could, and therefore will, go wrong.
    Hopefully this was more a whimsical "What if" exercise.

    1. Thanks Heather, I’ll have to check it out!