Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Starting Prozac

We started my youngest son on a low dose of Prozac 4 days ago. So far, so good. Though I find myself praying for him throughout the day. I absolutely hate starting medications, but I’m hopeful this will help with my son’s depression and anxieties.

My husband and I are still absorbing the probability that our “little one” has Aspergers. The more I read about it, the more I realize he must have it. It turns out, most of my family suspected it for years.

We both are dealing with feelings of sadness over facing another diagnosis and watching another child struggle throughout his life. I just want to cry.

I find myself dreading having to learn about another condition. Just the thought of starting all over again with a new syndrome feels overwhelming. I feel resentful about having to read more books, research more therapies and establish more education plans with the school. Though I know that once it’s confirmed, these are the things I will do without question.

On a bitter-sweet note, if my son does have Aspergers, we’ve been assured that there will be a world of services opened up to him. In addition, it’s a condition that people seem to accept and aren’t afraid of. People will want to help my son and will embrace his challenges. It’s something that he won’t have to hide. Unfortunately for my oldest, kids with bipolar disorder don’t have access to this kind of help or compassion.

... and this makes me mad.


  1. Go ahead and cry...it does help. I hope you see nothing but good with the prozac.
    I also hope you have good experiences with the public's acceptance of your son with the diagnosis. I will say that that has not been the case with us. I've found it to be very stigmatizing and the fact that Asperger's isn't as "functionally crippling" as autism leaves services sketchy at best. In saying that, I would suggest you help your son through the "acceptance and understanding" phase and share the news with others only on a "need to know" basis. If your son becomes comfortable enough to share, then take the cues from him. The fact that he is receiving therapy at this age is VERY GOOD. He will likely thrive with minimal bumps in the road.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Good to know, thanks for the feedback! I did read something yesterday that people often minimize Aspergers because they think it is just a “quiet person” and that those that have it don't really struggle compared to those on the spectrum with more visible symptoms.

  2. I just pray he recieves the help he needs to live his life to the fullest. And it is only too sad that us with Bipolar have to choose wisely who we talk to about it because there is a stigma.

  3. The whole idea that there is a scale of acceptance for different disorders makes me mad. As mentioned in the above comments that Aspergers doesn't get the same considerations as "farther" down the spectrum Autism, and Bipolar carries even more of a stigma. I do think that Aspergers is a more accepted diagnosis than Bipolar because people think they understand it better--even if they don't.