Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year!

My kids are getting excited for the New Year celebration this week. We’re keeping it low key with a nice dinner thanks to my husband grilling us tri-tip along with some quality family time at home. Heck, as far as my kids know, that’s how everyone celebrates the New Year.

As I reflect on the coming year, I feel some excitement for positive change. As my youngest continues to have a positive reaction to prozac, I hope to see him thrive more, along with focused therapies to help him where he needs it most. On the flip side, I’m nervous for my oldest as school becomes more challenging and he struggles with bigger projects and demands, I only hope that his school can meet his needs. Either way, I expect that life will continue to be a roller coaster and I’m going to hang on and try to have some fun while counting my blessings.

Though I face many challenges in raising my boys, I love each of them with all of my heart and thank God for letting me be their mom.

I wish you all a wonderful year ahead and look forward to hearing from you as you travel through your own journey. Happy New Year my friends!

* * *

Check back soon as I share the latest with my youngest son after seeing a Pediatric Neurologist this week.

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