Tuesday, December 11, 2012

School Psychologist Evaluation

I just met with the school psychologist for my youngest son, I found her classroom observations to be, well... so my son.

Here are a few of her notes:

He is an active student, sitting in his chair inappropriately, alternating between sitting and standing at his desk.

He would get off task, doing his own activities before joining in on the assignment. 

He would leave the class group without permission to do his own thing.

He did not look up at peers or engage in eye contact or direct his communication with any particular individual.

He would talk to himself and occasionally laugh.

He would not engage in a “social smile” when the psychologist tried to engage him.

He was observed to hum or sing quietly to himself.

He would sometimes speak in a made up language.

He annoyed a peer by covering their face with his paper, he did not pick up on the social cue that he was annoying them.

He had one shoe off for half of the observation. (this made me laugh—this is SO my son!)

Well one thing is for certain, the Prozac is working so far. Overall he has become more happy and isn’t putting himself down anymore. He also said that the voices “died”. Instead of slouching and tearing up stuff, he is doing headstands on the couch and acting silly. Even his teacher has noticed that he is not as frustrated and isn’t throwing books in her class. The school psychologist noted that he appears to be a happy boy.

Our concern is for his future, when others may not think of his quirks as being “cute”. In the meantime, I can live with a happy and silly boy, even one that speaks in his own language.

* * *

Based on this evaluation, the school has agreed to have him evaluated by a speech pathologist and have his handwriting skills looked at.


  1. Hi mamma bear ,
    It sounds like aspergers ,and yes there is a relation betwen bipolar ,depression and aspergers ,i know it because i worked closely with families with all these conditions .