Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Smile I Don’t Recognize

Recently I had lunch with my youngest son at school. It was a special occasion that he looks forward to every year. I’m convinced that he anticipates the happy meal from McDonalds more than the visit with mom, but that’s ok, whatever makes him happy.

As I sat on the long lunch table surrounded by second graders eating their peanut butter and jellies or their hot lunches, my little one sat with his back to me, focused on a movie the school was showing on this rainy day. Throughout the lunch I tried to engage my son with questions and silliness, but he wasn’t the least bit interested in me, which was ironic since the little girl to my left was giving me an earful!

As the lunch came to an end, I asked my little man if I could get a picture of the two of us. To my surprise he was willing, something that hasn’t been too common over the past year, so I jumped on the opportunity by taking a handful of shots with my phone.

As I got to my car I previewed the images to see if there was anything I could send to my husband who was busy at work. And there it was... absolutely beautiful. Shining up at me was an image of my son with the biggest tooth grin I’ve ever seen him make. I could see all of his teeth from ear to ear, even his eyes were smiling. Then it struck me. I don’ t recognize this smile. I have a bunch of photos of this boy and I’ve never seen this smile. Over the year his smile has become contained, no teeth, only a sly grin revealing little emotion, or just plain irritation. But today, I could feel his happiness from the inside out and I couldn’t help but giggle.

Thank God, the medication is working.


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