Sunday, January 6, 2013

Score One for Our Family!

This weekend we got to experience the ordinary and it felt extraordinary! Our middle son played his first basketball game in our city league. I know millions of families do this every weekend, but for our family, this was a first since we’ve never been a part of organized sports. But there we were, on the sidelines with grandparents too, all cheering on our middle son as he made his first basket and his team walked away with a victory. I was so happy I teared up.

My husband smiled at me during the game and said, “look at us, we have one kid playing sports and another (our youngest) is socializing—we’re like a normal family!” Our oldest son chose to say outside for half of the game. When I warned him not to talk to strangers and to come inside if he was approached, he smiled and said, “don’t worry mom, I have a stick!”

It was a perfect moment, one I’ll never forget. Even though my son’s team won the game, it felt like a victory for our entire family!


  1. Great to hear! I wish you many more victories!

  2. Memories you will cherish and enjoy. :)