Sunday, February 3, 2013

Education and Services, an Uphill Battle to Nowhere

Sometimes it seems like an uphill battle to nowhere. I’ve been talking to the elementary school regarding my youngest and I’m told,“Even if he’s diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, we do not have to provide services unless he’s performing 2 years behind.” When I ask about his poor handwriting and if he would qualify for occupational therapy to help improve his writing abilities, I’m told, “He can’t get access to occupational therapies unless his speech is showing significant delays, which remember, he needs to show that he’s 2 years behind.”

Then I talk to my oldest son’s school and I’m told, “Your son’s handwriting is pretty poor and we believe it may be having an affect on his ability to learn his flashcards because he has trouble reading his own writing.” I respond with, “Can we help him improve his handwriting skills so it doesn’t impact his education?” The school responds, “No he’s too old to help now, we can only give him accommodations at this point, so we’ll try to avoid having him do handwriting.”

So let me get this straight. My oldest is too old to help, yet my youngest is young enough to help, but his speech is too good, so he doesn’t qualify for handwriting help.

Hmmm... sounds like a bunch of crap if you ask me. Why don’t they just say what they really mean.

“We don’t have money in the budget to help your child.”

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  1. Seriously!? Argh. But keep pushing on it. I've heard there are ways around the two years behind thing (I know of gifted kids with IEPs) Point out your older son's struggles and say that it will put him behind later.
    It seems to me that they must have some services they can provide that aren't all that expensive to them. (It may not be the "best" but it would certainly help) There has to be a resource specialist that has some ideas on how to help.