Tuesday, February 5, 2013

One High Tech Mama Bear!

Recently we implemented a walkie-talkie system to allow our oldest son a little freedom playing in a field nearby our home. I believed this system was more for peace of mind than anything, but today I was proven wrong when I got the incoming call:


I quickly jumped to my feet as I got a detailed description of three boys who where harassing him. I charged out the front door to my son’s field location to see 3 older boys on bikes giving him a hard time.

As a gym rat, I have the ability to move faster than most kids expect and in a quick moment I was chasing these boys down. When I caught up to them, they quickly tried to play down their actions, but I went all “Mama Bear” on them, yes I was yelling and even pointed out that they were pathetic for picking on a younger kid.

Be warned teenage bullies, this Mama Bear is running a high tech operation!

* * *

If you’re interested, we got our Uniden long-range walkie-talkies at Target for about $20, best money spent!


  1. Papa Bear to Mama Bear. The wolf howls at midnight. I repeat the wolf howls at midnight. Confidence is high!

    Give em hell baby and protect our cubs.

    1. As always, thanks for making me laugh Papa Bear!

  2. Good for you, Mama Bear! Both for the walkies and the support of your boy.