Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dad’s the Man!

After my boys decided to skip going to camp with our church because it was too overwhelming for them, my husband decided to take matters into his own hands. He’s taking the boys camping in our own backyard. Tonight’s the big night. The tent is up, the fire is started and the smores are ready to go, along with hotdogs that we’ll cook over open flame. I love that my husband is giving my boys what they need, the way they need it!

* * *

Check out the news story about a book written by a mother and her adult son about his struggles with his bipolar illness:


  1. Great night with my Boys. Crazy Tired, and my back and neck are reminding me that I slept all night on the ground but memories come at a I will gladly pay!

    Papa Bear

  2. What a fun night ! Memories all around, right? Thank you again for the wonderful weekend you all gave Dad and I, and thank you, Papa Bear, for loving "my" boys the way they deserve to be loved. You are both wonderful "Bears".