Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Brain Scan to Diagnosis Bipolar Disorder

This week Medical News Today shared a report from the British Journal of Psychiatry about a new brain scan that uses blood flow patterns to determine if a person has bipolar disorder. They were able to accurately identity which person had bipolar disorder and which ones had unipolar depression during a depressive episode 81% of the time.

This is great news! It puts us another step closer to accurately diagnosing individuals with bipolar disorder, allowing for appropriate treatment even faster. Being that the disorder takes an average of 10 years to diagnosis, many people suffer much longer than they should with many facing serious setbacks as they’re treated with the wrong medication and therapies.

As for kids with bipolar disorder, this is huge because not only do children’s mental illness symptoms present themselves differently than adults, the kids themselves aren’t always able to articulate what they’re experiencing until they’re much older. This makes making a correct diagnosis even tougher. A scan like this would not only help the child get the correct treatment early on, but it would bring peace of mind to the parents who are questioning if they’re doing what’s best for their child.

Also keep in mind the kindling theory, the longer an illness goes untreated, the worse the illness gets. A scan like this would not only improve lives, but who knows, maybe it would prevent illness altogether.

Hang on folks, we have good things coming...

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Medical News Today
Article Date: 25 Aug 2013 - 0:00 PDT
Written by Honor Whiteman
Brain scans to diagnose bipolar disorder

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