Thursday, August 29, 2013

Veterans of a Different Kind

Tonight I got a touching letter from another mom who happened to find my blog by searching for “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” By the way, based on my blog feed information, parents often find me through this exact word search every week. It’s reassuring to realize that I’m not alone.

Like most letters I receive, I was moved to tears and inspired to keep writing, it reminds me of why I do this blogging thing. I started several years ago after one really bad night of rages, I was desperate to vent and escape out of isolation. Several years later, I find myself still writing, but with purpose now.

I want to reach you, all those parents who are searching for answers and looking for connection. I am so much stronger today because of all of you, because of your stories, your advice and simply for being by my side during the worst of times and for cheering me on during the best of times.

In the letter I received today, this mom brilliantly put into words what this experience is like, she said:

“I think I just needed to reach out because I am aching right now, and it was mind-blowing to find out someone else is dealing with the Exact. Same. Things. It broke my heart. It was also something akin to what I suspect it is like for veterans of foreign wars, meeting someone else who understands the particular hell they have gone through. Does that make any sense?”

Does that ever make sense! It’s true, we’re fighting battles in a foreign land, one that our own parents have never seen and one that friends can’t even relate to, yet here we are, with battle scars, some more fresh than others, but we’re connected. We know each other’s story without ever having to say a word.

It’s together that we’ll get through this.


  1. This is so good fo ryou for eing able to realize why you keep writing. I am anadult with various mental illnesses and autism, and I tend to love to read blogs by parents, cause they show the engagement that my parents (denying my issues until adulthood) lacked.

    1. Thanks for reading Astrid, I’m sorry your parents denied your issues, that must be very painful to experience. I hope you have good support in your life today.