Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Special Child of God

Last week my middle son shared with me a conversation he had with another student in his school. As the boys walked to class and my youngest son ran ahead of them, the student asked, “Is your little brother autistic?”

I found this interesting that even though my youngest son was not diagnosed with autism, that the other kids seem to pick up on his “autistic traits” as the neuropsychologist called it. I can’t help to wonder how many other kids are picking up on these “traits”. Will he stand apart as he gets older? How will these traits appear as he enters into middle school and high school.

With Aspergers leaving the DSM guide, I imagine that there will be a lot of children left off the spectrum who have autistic traits. I’m not sure if this is a blessing or a curse.

One thing that comes to mind is the Aspergers support forums I researched. On there I read numerous accounts of individuals who grew up feeling outside the norm and it left them depressed and insecure. But once they later found out that they had Aspergers, they were finally able to make sense of their former struggles and found support in the Aspergers community, giving them a whole new outlook on life.

Will this next generation of kids left off the spectrum miss this connection and understanding? Will they go back to feeling like an outsider?

Thankfully my little one still seems comfortable in his own skin. Just this week he declared he was entering into the school’s talent show. When I asked him what talent he was going to show he said, “I’m going to play the piano.” I was surprised by his answer since he has never played the piano. So I asked him if he was going write his own song and play it for the school, he responded, “I am a special child of God and I don’t need to write things down!”

That my friends is definitely a special child of God! I hope he never forgets it.


  1. Many psych doctors use a title such as Aspergers to help describe the symptoms the person is suffering from. (What am I trying to say here)

    Kinda like how I am taking medicine for ADHD because I show symptoms of ADHD but the diagnosis is not there because it may just be a mood change due to being Bipolar. So I may be ADHD ( I do take meds for it) but that is not as important as treating my symptoms.

    So just because Asperger's is out of the DSM does not mean doctors are unable to treat it. I just don't put too much stock in a book that is always changing. It seems somewhat wrong to just erase a diagnosis but they do it all the time. Silly DSM

  2. Amen! I too hope he never forgets it.