Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rumor Has It...

Yesterday I picked my two younger boys up from elementary school when my middle son sighed deeply while settling into his seat.

I asked, “What’s up?”

With a look of annoyance he said, “Today all the kids in my class were talking about my younger brother, they said that he flipped desks and chairs over in class and that he pushed other kids into lockers. They were talking so badly about him, comparing him to the kid with autism that was moved out of our school, I told them that if he actually did that, we would have heard about it and that my brother is none of their business!”

Reluctantly, I responded with, “Well actually, this rumor is partially true. Yesterday your brother did flip over his chair and throw a book, but he didn’t touch any of the other kids.”

My middle child responded with, “Well it’s still none of their business!”

My youngest followed with, “Besides, we don’t even have lockers in our school!”

* * *

Oh boy, it seems the rumors have started. I can’t imagine what’s being said, but it’s kinda hard to defend him after he flipped his own chair. Lord help us!

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