Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Story Worth Reading about Raising a Child with Mental Illness

One of my followers shared this link with me and I knew it was a “must share” the moment I saw the video. It’s a news story by CNN called, “My Son is Mentally Ill’ So Listen Up.” The story starts with a pretty in-depth video, introducing you to a 14-year old boy who has Bipolar disorder and psychosis. He’s been hospitalized more than 20 times and has attempted to take his own life. This story takes an inside peek of what many of you are already familiar with, it’s the struggles, the pain, the fears, the stigma and the love. Stephanie Escamilla decided to speak up so her and her son could share their story after feeling frustrated that the only time the country pays attention to mental illness is after a tragedy. This story goes beyond the struggle of one family, portraying what’s happening inside homes all over America. It shows how broken the system is and how far we need to go, yet it’s clear that the love of one parent can truly make a difference.

Sit back when you have a few moments, this is a very in-depth story that’s definitely worth your time.

My Son is Mentally Ill’ So Listen UpBy Wayne Drash

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