Monday, December 9, 2013

The Mommy Christmas Date

The line was at least 10 people long. It was raining out and this was the only coffee shop close enough to the therapist’s office. This was a special occasion, a “Mommy Christmas Date”, a family tradition I started with my boys years ago that begins with a trip to the store to purchase a new painted glass ornament for our Christmas tree and ends with a cookie and hot cup of cocoa, with whipped cream of course. We decided to squeeze in our date before our therapy appointment on Friday.

The line was long in the little coffee shop and patience was running short. My youngest went into meltdown before the date even started when he found out we weren’t going home to get his iPod before the therapy appointment. It was one of those days where he was stuck on a thought and we couldn’t help him shake it. But dang it, we were going to have fun today on our special date, tantrums and all.

As my older two boys tried to ignore their complaining little brother and enjoy their hunt for the perfect ornament, I spent my time trying to distract my little one into having some fun, hoping I could get him back on track. But as the date came to a close, he was still persistent on not having fun without his iPod in his pocket. His protest continued into the crowded coffee shop until he decided to go outside into the rain to show me how he was refusing to have any fun.

I decided to ignore his protest, and smiled at his brothers who patiently waited in line with me. Then at one point I looked back to check on the little one who was no longer pouting under the rain drops, but instead had his body firmly pressed against the outside entrance to the coffee shop. He stood with his feet apart and his arms crossed, firmly shaking his head “no” side-to-side, telling the pleading couple standing before him that they could not enter the coffee shop.

Mortified, I ran to the door and immediately apologized to the couple who awkwardly giggled as they explained how my son was refusing to let them in.

Thankfully they seemed understanding as they could tell I had my hands full.

I have to admit, as embarrassing as this scenario was, I also wanted to laugh. I should have know that my little one could be so bold!

Thankfully this story ends on a happy note. As my little one went into round two of running outside the coffee shop, my oldest looked at me and said, “I’ll go outside with him, it’s too overwhelming anyways in here with the crowd.” Then a few minutes later both boys came back inside from the rain. This time my little one apologized and stood back in line. Surprised, I turned to my oldest son and he responded with, “I fixed it! I told him that the way he was acting was going to earn him a “no pass” at home (which means no electronics) and explained that if he started behaving now he could still earn a “pass” tonight when we got home!”

And just like that, at the end of our special “Mommy Christmas Date” we all sat together laughing and smiling while enjoying a warm cup of cocoa.

God bless us everyone… and the poor couple who came upon my little one.

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  1. Very glad that couple was so understanding!

    I'm glad your older ones kept it together, and fixed it, and you had a fun "date". I love your ornament! Christmas traditions never grow old.