Monday, December 30, 2013

Too Much Christmas

We had such a wonderful Christmas, even made a trip to the snow on Christmas Day to let the boys experience a white Christmas surrounded by family we love. Over the week we enjoyed late nights, yummy treats and lots of excitement, but unfortunately tonight, we started to see the threads of stability start to unravel.

This happened tonight after coming home from a small gathering to welcome a family friend home. It took place in a home my son had never visited before, surrounded by people that he didn’t know or only met a few times with the exception of his grandparents. He appeared to take a small nap while there, falling asleep on the couch while everyone visited around him, but as we arrived home, he was quickly in tears.

“The people there were scaring me, that’s why I closed my eyes and looked asleep.” Obviously concerned, I asked, “OH hun, what happened? Did someone do something?” He responded, “No one did anything wrong, they were just scaring me, it wasn’t their fault. He then started mentioning other moments in his day where he was frightened by a kid he saw playing outside. He wasn’t making much sense and the tears continued to fall.

My husband and I looked at each other, thinking the same thing,’s been too much, for too long.

Too much fun.

Too much change.

Too much sugar.

Too little sleep.

Too much Christmas.

We see the signs loud and clear. It’s time to reign it in and get things back on track.

It’s moments like these that remind me just how fragile he is. How easy a change in routine, or simply too much fun can make him sick. It reminds me that this illness is still a part of his life and that keeping him well is a constant balancing act. This is living with mental illness.

* * *

As much as there was too much Santa, there’s never too much Christ. I loved knowing that we both received comfort in praying for healing through Christ our Savor as I tucked him into bed tonight. We don’t need much to feel the love of God, I am thankful to have Him by my side in times like these.


  1. Same here mama bear. My sister had been showing some improvements but tonight she had another episode. This is living with mental illness.

    1. Ugggg, so sorry to hear, I hope things are getting better. Getting back into routine helped with us.