Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mental Illness on 60 Minutes

Link to Video above:

This is one of the most important stories on mental illness in our youth. Everyone needs to watch this story, it demonstrates the desperate state of our mental health system and the crisis that families are in. Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds shares his story about how his own son who suffered from bipolar disorder stabbed him repetitively only hours after failing to get the care he needed in the emergency room because the hospital didn’t have a bed available. As he strongly pointed out, “The system failed my son tonight.”

If love alone could fix this problem, Senator Deeds would have his son today. But instead the scars on his face will forever remind us all that love is not enough. 

America needs to change how mental illness is treated. Families can’t wait any longer!

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  1. There's now a bill being considered extending the time a person can be held pursuant to an emergency custody order from four hours to 24.

    The saddest thing is it took something happening to someone in the public spotlight, and a Senator no less, for this change to finally happen.

    1. I agree Anita, that is what caught my attention, the fact that he was a public figure. I am hoping he can make some serious change.

  2. It looks like this is passing through quickly -

    While it makes me sad this happened to one of our Senators I think this is the reason the resolution is happening so quickly. I actually live and work in Richmond, VA where all this is happening so I'd be happy to keep everyone updated.